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      603088Ningbo Jingda42.263.53%
      000606China Yi Bridge8.171.87%
      Professional Finance: The first batch of sales organizations approved by the SFC
      Safe Money Management: Minsheng Bank supervision, access to funds with the card
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      More than 4,000 funds, purchase discount rate of 1 fold
      • China Merchants card liquor index gradingNearly a year83.96%
      • Easy Fonda consumer industryNearly a year69.45%
      • Cathay Pacific Internet + stockNearly a year73.08%
      The latest broadcast
      Nandu property: Net media from the media Zhejiang Jun was beaten and the threat of death has nothing to do with the company 15:45 Asian crude oil WTI rose slightly 15:45 Hengcheng Tools pledged 6.3 million shares of shareholders to replenish liquidity 15:44 NDRC Responds to Natural Gas Shortage: Achieving "Nationwide Network" 15:44 Guizhou: Strictly control the relocation of housing costs to help alleviate poverty 15:43 Wang and: China's wealth management in the future or will enter the insurance era 15:42 Hongling venture Zhou Shiping and then exposed the ugly employees alleged fraud 14 million has been XingJu 15:42 From like to prefer - Taiwanese people love to travel the mainland 15:42 Strong shocks operating structure is still the opportunity 15:42 Beijing: Outgoing river water accounts for 70% of urban water supply 15:41 Newspaper shareholders pledged 117 million shares pledged to supplement liquidity 15:41 Students start the winter vacation 200,000 students from the spring before the Spring Festival opened the curtain 15:40 Sichuan completed 669.3 billion yuan in 5 years to invest in "new Shudao" 15:40 Self-supporting shipping settled in the capital airport 15:40 Only 4 tons! Russia's gold reserves soon catch up with China 15:39 Beijing to Promote the Filing of Foreign Trade Enterprises " 15:39 SAIC: By the end of 2017, China's market body has reached 98 million 15:37 China Trademark Registration Data Inventory: 2017 applications exceeded 5 million for 16 consecutive years ranked first in the world (chart) 15:37 December 2017 Natural Gas Heavy Truck Production Exceeds Thousands Over the Year Cumulative 383% (Chart) 15:37 Analysis of Economic Operation in Guangxi in 2017: GDP Growth 7.3% (with figures) 15:37
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      Stock name Quote change Concerned about the shares
      Shanghai Pudong Development Bank-3.55%attention
      BOE A0.00%attention
      Jiangnan Jiajie-3.02%attention
      Gree appliances10.01%attention
      Share it master Recommended reason Follow him
      Value he riskActive friendsattention
      SuperconductivityActive friendsattention
      Do not use my number ahActive friendsattention
      Small investment in Ren 8Active friendsattention
      Simple beliefsActive friendsattention
      Combinations of names Daily earnings 5 days revenue 20 days revenue Total revenue Focus on the portfolio
      Vegetable bag16.88%37.83%39.14%-24.58%attention
      zjJ step by step ...14.82%30.14%31.03%4.78%attention
      Cattle and sky ...13.53%18.62%13.86%-20.42%attention
      Analyst Latest index 3 months earnings 6 months earnings 12 months earnings Track stocks
      Liang Bo3684.2536.98%45.86%52.61%New and into
      Cai Yan Philippines3530.4518.62%29.48%92.61%Vanke A
      Wang Li prepared1436.6311.81%16.17%43.66%Xinhua Insurance
      Tian Wei East2538.7211.55%16.51%22.81%Hikvision
                              Data date
                              Monday, January 22, 2018
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                              Continuous suspension194 Family
                              Today new suspension12 Family
                              Resume trading today3 Family
                              Performance report0 Family
                              Performance notice13 Family
                              Dividend increase3 Family
                              New shares subscription0 Family
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                              IPO1 Family
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                              Shareholders' General Meeting Held42 Family
                              Internet voting64 Family
                              Asset restructuring 12 Family
                              Asset acquisition1 Family
                              Share pledgetwenty two Family
      name Latest price Quote change The main net inflow
      1Gree appliances56.6010.01%765 million
      2Wuliangye90.426.16%460 million
      3Flush58.1610.01%226 million
      4BYD66.605.38%215 million
      5Qingdao Haier22.878.13%213 million
      6Midea Group61.435.60%197 million
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      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1N days forever26.4044.03%219,900
      2Austrian flying data28.759.98%23,000
      3000 Hing Technology28.8310.00%7.50 million
      4Macalline19.609.99%9.5 million
      5Westling Power27.209.99%1.56 million
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      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Build new shares8.4210.07%268 million
      2Yun Yi Electric7.5510.06%278 million
      3Tianyuan Dike11.7210.05%97.57 million
      4Mitutoyo smart13.3810.03%59.08 million
      5Match is smart15.7010.02%299 million
      GEM fund
      Nuggets high-quality growth stocks GEM
      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1United Securities1.86-5.10%24.27 million
      2Hailong nuclear Branch20.44-0.44%17.42 million
      3Far East shares--12.23 million
      4Yu-Wantong6.344.62%8.63 million
      5Yinggu shares2.75-8.94%624 million
      QDII is preferred
      The optimal allocation of global assets, investment without borders
      Subscription day Purchase code Short form of new shares Issue price Issue price-earnings ratio Payment date
      01-23732516Chun technology19.6422.9901-25
      01-23732506Nandu property16.2517.8901-25
      01-23300739Ming Yang circuit22.3022.9901-25
      01-24002926Huaxi Securities--01-26
      01-30300740Royal family Hui21.2322.9902-01
      01-31732156Yang Yuan drinks22.496.0802-02
      date Stock name Transfer method Circulating shares Total share capital Industry
      01-22Hongrun foodprotocol83.28 million176.93 millionfood and drink
      01-22赛 Ericssonprotocol7.28 million25.09 millionSynthesis
      01-22Three or three sharesprotocol-10 million
      01-22Lang Lin biologicalprotocol1.28 million10.5 million
      date name Additional price Additional quantity Price-earnings ratio Discount premium rate
      01-19Work together2.0057.5 million--0.99%
      01-19Brerell4.7512.63 million27.5727.69%
      01-19Wanjiang rent1.50800 million22.6133.93%
      01-19Pixel data3.0058 million21.92-38.52%
      • VC / PE investment details
      date name Investment agency investment amount Price per share
      01-18Rui Jiang YunGuangdong Guangdong Choi venture ...2000000025.00
      01-16Yi can reachJiangsu Province High-tech ...--
      01-03Safety and environmental protectionShenzhen Innovation Investment ...--
      date name Types of
      01-222018 China's new energy steam ...Forum
      01-23The sixth China e-commerce ...Industry Conference
      01-23New shares subscription: Chunzhong Branch ...other
      01-23New shares subscription: Ming Yang ...other
      01-232018 Sina Zhongmin ...Forum
      01-232018 Winter DavosIndustry Conference
      Code name Latest Price (USD) Quote change
      NINENine Energy ...26.1013.48%
      ACHChina Aluminum18.699.11%
      ONPOriental Paper1.486.47%
      OSNAustrian Sheng innovation3.965.04%
      Quantitative fund
      Quantified investment, refining number into gold