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CodenameLatest price5 minutes ups and downs
601137Powerway Alloy8.003.63%
002768Guoen shares28.252.91%
603738Taijing Technology14.822.63%
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  • China Merchants Zhongzheng Liquor Index Nearly 3 years 62.41%
  • National Thai Certificate Food and Beverage Industry Index Classification Nearly 3 years 42.33%
  • E Fund Consumer Industry Nearly 3 years 43.33%
For the first time in China, we successfully penetrated the subway line and realized “zero settlement” in the rich water sand pebble stratum. 11:52The shares held by the major shareholders of Beixun Group were frozen waiting for 55% to reach the liquidation line 11:35Dutch railway 2019 price increase standard increased by 1.8% 11:30The international oil price peaks at the top of the rush. The gold price still needs to find the bottom. 11:24The total turnover of the new three board market was 1.583 billion yuan. The company has started the revision of the suspension and resumption rules. 11:20Ofo staged a big overseas retreat! Domestic 3.6 billion deposit may be difficult to retreat 11:15Watson: Will the Science and Technology Board become the Chinese version of Nasdaq? Depends on how high and how high the threshold is 11:14In the enterprise, fighting rivers and lakes: easy to go to the office to stage the whole military line 11:14New energy building car pit? Dong Mingzhu's debts into the stock market, Xu Jiayin's cross-border investment has been turned against 11:14Zhou Hongyi’s mobile phone business: with Lei Jun’s appointment, holding Huawei’s thighs, and being beaten by Jia Yueting 11:13God fog environmental protection, God fog energy saving response stock was taken: involving Shanxi Securities and Shenwu Group shares pledge dispute 11:12"Evaluation bottom" is the amount of time. The timing of the GEM bottoming is coming? 11:09The latest rankings of the three major businesses of the fund company: 1.66 trillion pensions are the top three ICBC Credit Suisse Huaxia Jiashi 11:06Yinchuan City, Ningxia, strengthens the access management of land for construction of contaminated land 11:02Insider trading Zongshen power case exposure: real control person prostitute loss of 350,000 was fined 400,000 10:55Guangzhou Bandung: brokers launched a battle for rushing! A new round of upside is opening soon 10:50IBM buys behind Red Hat with a quarter of its own: Hybrid Clouds will become a trend 10:44Speech by Xi Jinping at the 26th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting (Full Text) 10:43Zhang Xunyuan: Can climate risk further reduce the global surplus of sugar 2018/19? 10:39Zhou Xiaochuan: Digital currency multi-channel research and development should be encouraged to compete with each other 10:38
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nameLatest priceQuote changeRise and fall
N-person insurance 4.81 44.01% 1.47
Chaohua Technology 3.58 10.15% 0.33
Ningbo Dongli 3.58 10.15% 0.33
Huakong SEG 4.68 10.12% 0.43
瀚叶股份 3.70 10.12% 0.34
National photoelectric device 5.78 10.10% 0.53
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Friday, November 16, 2018
Stop trading cards: Continuous suspension37Family New suspension today1Family Resumption of trading today5Family
Annual report quarterly: Performance report0Family Performance forecast0Family Dividend transfer0Family
IPO issuance: New share subscription0Family Signed payment0Family IPO1Family
Changes in shares: Directional issuance1Family Additional plan15Family Stock listing33Family
Shareholders' meeting: Equity registration49Family General meeting of shareholders77Family Online voting76Family
important Notice: Asset restructuring62Family Asset acquisition6Family Share pledge77Family
Purchase date Purchase code New stock short name Issue price Payment date
11-19732187Sea cold chain32.2511-21
11-22002942Xinnong shares14.3311-26
datenameBuy and sellDragon and Tiger List soldNet buy
11-16Public utility305 million1.68 billion136 million
11-16New friends854.34 million235,561,1006188.82 million
11-16Hengli Industry1.06 billion4888.06 million5692.98 million
date name Earnings per share Revenue year-on-year Net profit
11-15Taiyuan Heavy Industry0.00-9.35%-62.35%
11-15Chinese people's insurance0.295.02%-16.34%
11-14Bay communication0.2882.09%699.40%
Daily ranking
5th ranking
20th ranking
Total ranking
Combination nameDaily income5-day earnings20-day earningsTotal revenue
Chen Jueyi 118.13%23.38%27.97%-95.70%
Speculators are short-term13.66%30.37%63.26%-81.83%
CodenameLatest price (HKD)Quote change
02628China Life Insurance17.0001.43%
00700Tencent Holdings290.4000.83%
02202Vanke Enterprise26.5500.57%
00941China Mobile76.8500.52%
00005HSBC Holdings66.2000.30%
nameLatest priceRise and fallQuote change
Changan Yanheng 5.000 1.190 31.23%
STERLING GP 1.070 0.250 30.49%
Fuyi International Holdings 0.410 0.090 28.13%
Madison Holdings 0.600 0.125 26.32%
Hengcheng Architecture 1.130 0.230 25.56%
Xingfang Holdings 0.680 0.130 23.64%
CodenameLatest price (USD)Quote change
LEJU Leju 1.690 9.03%
CBAK Zhongbi Energy 0.610 7.02%
SINO China Global Shipping 1.030 6.19%
HIMX Wonderful Photoelectric 4.470 5.42%
WBAI 500 lottery network 7.940 5.31%
SKYS Tianhua Sunshine 0.610 5.17%
Shanghai Stock Connect Net inflow of the day10.57 billion Current day balance50.943 billion
Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Net inflow of the day12.12 billion Current day balance50.788 billion
Northbound funds Net inflow of the day2.269 billion
Variety contract Latest price Quote change
IC continuous for the month ICDY 4668.0 1.16%
IC consecutive season ICGJ 4563.0 1.04%
IC continues in the next quarter ICXJ 4613.8 0.94%
IF consecutive month IFDYLX 3267.2 0.85%
name Latest price Rise and fall Quote change
Euro against the dollar 1.1418 0.0088 0.78%
Australian dollar against the dollar 0.7332 0.0055 0.76%
New Zealand dollar against the dollar 0.6879 0.0051 0.75%
GBP to USD 1.2830 0.0055 0.43%
Code Abbreviation Latest price Quote change
019517 15 national debt 17 100.44 1.15%
019536 16 Treasury Bond 08 93.40 0.86%
019547 16 national debt 19 89.69 0.80%
019523 15 national debt 23 97.07 0.70%
018009 Guokai 1803 106.70 0.67%
019599 18 national debt 17 100.50 0.63%
Variety/codeAnnualized rate of return100,000 profitOccupancy days
1 day period GC001 2.78% 6.6164 1 Lend
2 days GC002 2.74% 5.4932 1 Lend
3 days GC003 2.73% 4.4658 1 Lend
4 days GC004 2.76% 11.0959 2 Lend
Variety/codeAnnualized rate of returnThousand yuan profitOccupancy days
1 day R-001 2.42% 0.0563 1 Lend
2 days R-002 2.10% 0.0375 1 Lend
3 days R-003 2.54% 0.0395 1 Lend
4 days R-004 2.46% 0.0948 2 Lend
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
E Fund Consumer Industry -20.69% 0.15% buy
Yifangda medium and small disc mix -11.94% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
E Fund Consumer Industry -20.69% 0.15% buy
China Shipping Healthcare Theme Stock 1.03% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Yifangda medium and small disc mix -11.94% 0.15% buy
Bank of Communications Advantage Industry Mix 8.11% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
China Merchants Zhongzheng Liquor Index -26.78% 0.10% buy
Invesco Great Wall Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 enhanced -18.42% 0.12% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Yi Fangda reassured bond A -7.17% 0.08% buy
Harvest Super Short Bond 6.35% 0.00% buy
Fund abbreviation 7th annualization Subscription rate
Penghua Tianlibao Currency 3.4300% 0.00% buy
Southern Tianli Currency B 3.4360% 0.00% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Harvest Global Internet Stocks Renminbi -12.38% 0.15% buy
Southern Crude Oil A 12.77% 0.12% buy