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Guest introduction
  • Bai Yingjie
    Guolian Securities
    Guolian Securities has been working in 2008 and has accumulated rich experience in investment management. It has investment analysis, fund and futures qualifications and is rated as an internal lecturer of Guolian Options. The main technical analysis, combined with the cost control method, accurately analyze the pre-judgment of the position and trend.
  • Liu Wu
    Bairui Win Securities Investment Consultant
    The gold eye of the stock market is good at using a keen eye to gain insight into market hot spots. The special guest of the famous TV program of Finance and TV, pursues the concept of value investment, has nearly a thousand network and on-site lecture experience, and accurately judges the market turning point many times. The style of lectures is profound and simple, and is deeply loved by investors.
  • Highlight
    Haishun Securities Investment Consultant
    For more than a decade in the stock market, the concept of a new bull market was first proposed in 2017. He has worked in a well-known securities company and has extensive experience in trading. He is good at grasping the general trend from the macro level, exploring investment opportunities from the company's fundamentals, and being keen on the industry turning point and market trend hotspots. At the beginning of 2013, accurate development from touch screen smart phones, Deriving and judging the big bulls that led the launch of the mobile internet era, in the beginning of 2017, we continued to recommend the military and building materials sectors in the trading strategy for customers, and advocated the stock picking ideas in parallel with value and growth. Long-term stock picking, trend trading.
  • Lin Junheng
    Qiankun Securities Investment Consultant
    20 years of experience in stock market investment, he has served as a controller in Taiwan's private equity fund, and has control over the operation of large funds; he has created a unique "Qingkun Warfare" to accurately grasp the big trend of the big market. He is good at analyzing the macroeconomic operation rules, combining K-line shape analysis, fund management, risk analysis and control to capture the opportunities for medium and long-term advance layout.
  • Xu Yang
    Vertex Financial Investment Advisor
    He used to be a senior analyst in the asset allocation strategy of Guojin Securities. He is a senior macro analyst of Huachuang Securities. He is the chief macro analyst of Huaan Securities. He has extensive research in the field of global macro and large asset allocation. He is good at guiding domestic investment with a global perspective. Configuration Opportunity Successfully predicts the results of three “Black Swan” events in the world in 2016. The winner of the Best Strategy Team of the Crystal Ball Seller Analyst in 2016, and the honor of the “Outgoing” think tank special contributor. TV interview guest
  • He Sanyong
    Oriental Securities
    We believe in the investment philosophy of “a good mentality, a good endurance, and a win-win situation”. We should focus on the use of policy and fundamentals to select the underlying stocks with investment value, and then use our self-tuned technical indicators to conduct band operations and avoid large-scale investment strategies.
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