In order to embrace the new economy, Science and Technology Board has set up a variety of inclusive listing conditions based on the characteristics of the sector and the characteristics of the science and technology enterprises. For example, enterprises that are allowed to meet the position of the science and technology board, have not yet made a profit, or have accumulated unrecovered losses are listed on the board. The special equity structure enterprises and red chip enterprises that meet the relevant requirements are listed on the science and technology board. Compared with the listing conditions of the approval system, the science and technology board has indeed relaxed the hard indicators, simplifying the process and improving the efficiency of the audit. This has led to the emergence of a "commercial registration system for the company to make it easy for companies to go public, and formal audits will allow a large number of companies to concentrate on A shares."

In fact, in addition to hard indicators, Kechuang Board has more stringent auditing standards, full process supervision, and enhanced information disclosure. The information disclosure requirements of all aspects such as acceptance, review, registration, issuance, and transaction are implemented. The difficulty of listing is not small, not anyone who wants to go up.

Let's first learn about the three forms of the next board's board review, and we can also look at the science and technology board from the perspective of professional auditors.New shares.