When the stock market is weak and the stock price of listed companies has fallen, many retail investors are concerned about the whereabouts of the major shareholders of listed companies. If there are listed company major shareholder commitments such as “release of banned shares”, “large shareholder increase shareholding”, “large shareholder does not reduce shareholding”, etc., it will often have positive incentives for the secondary market share price. Many retail investors even use the “large shareholder of listed companies to increase their holdings” as the reason for buying stocks of the company.

However, many retail investors only care about the beginning, but often do not care about the outcome. Do you know? After a period of time, the listed company can vote for the fulfillment of the promise by holding a general meeting of shareholders. The exemption is often the majority shareholder, and because it holds a majority shareholding, the shareholder meeting often becomes “going through the game”. Even if more than 90% of the small and medium shareholders are retail investors, the proposal can often be passed. .