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CodenameLatest price5 minutes ups and downs
002897Yihua shares21.724.32%
000150Yihua Health15.562.10%
603976Zhengchuan shares17.791.95%
Professional financial management: the first sales organizations approved by the CSRC
Safe Finance: Minsheng Bank Supervision, funds in and out of the card
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  • China Merchants Zhongzheng Liquor Index Nearly 3 years 77.92%
  • National Thai Certificate Food and Beverage Industry Index Classification Nearly 3 years 48.61%
  • E Fund Consumer Industry Nearly 3 years 46.41%
Tianxiang environment is in deep crisis and resumes trading three times: the debt exceeds 1.2 billion 23:10Youxin used car (UXIN) rose for 5 consecutive days, and the increase was over 130%. 23:10China Oilfield Services (02883.HK): 2019 annual financial management limit does not exceed 9 billion yuan 23:09Chen Xing Development (02286.HK) acquired over 49 million shares of Xishuangbanna Resort's commercial and residential plots 23:09Zhongjun Group's 630 million acquisition of Kunshan project 51% equity total area of ​​92,100 square meters 23:08Shida Holdings (08003) is planning to increase its investment in Shenzhen Zhixun School with a capital of 5.1 million yuan. 23:08Chen Xing Development (02286) plans to acquire a 49% stake in Xishuangbanna Jingyuan Investment for 225 million yuan 23:08Gold continues to hover above the 1240 mark. The favorable factors are followed by the next year to reach 1300? 23:07BYD launches next-generation electric vehicle chip technology: can reduce power consumption by 3% per 100 kilometers 23:06Lin Zhengyue: Hong Kong can assist the development of tourism infrastructure along the “Belt and Road” economies 22:59Excellent letter used car (UXIN.US) rose more than 13% double 12 performance eye-catching 22:57Gold once again found the ability to enter the consolidation zone as it prepares for an upside breakout 22:57Created a group holding (01609) to purchase 50.95 million yuan to purchase 500 new energy vehicles to expand the group fleet 22:56Universal Press (08448): KPMG's resignation auditor is replaced by Hong Kong Lixin Dehao 22:56Shengjie Enterprise (06090) formed an associate to acquire a three-star hotel in Seoul and renovate it into a student apartment 22:56Ninghu Expressway (00177.HK) agreed to abandon the 15% equity interest in Guangjing Xicheng Company 22:55Shida Holdings (08003.HK) injected 5.1 million yuan into the advertising company to occupy 50.5% of the shares 22:55Qingdao Port has unloaded 400,000-ton class mines, accounting for nearly 40% of the country's total of 100 ships. 22:55Other people's companies: can you earn money while lying down? Spend 6 hours to spend money! 22:54The State Council clarifies that the personal partner’s tax burden for venture capital will only decrease or decrease within five years from next year. 22:53
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Fund name Performance benchmark Operation period
 **** Qifeng No. 1 4.70% 277 days Details
 **** Fund A2 4.30% 7 days Details
 **** Fund A2 4.00% 7 days Details
nameLatest priceQuote changeRise and fall
Rongyi Group 3.80 10.14% 0.35
Jingwei shares 4.24 10.13% 0.39
Snowlet 4.24 10.13% 0.39
Sunrise east 4.80 10.09% 0.44
Light technology 9.64 10.05% 0.88
Yukai shares 8.78 10.03% 0.80
nameQuote changeLeading stockQuote change
Automobile industry 1.67% Jingwei shares 10.13%
Wine industry 1.42% Zhujiang Beer 9.96%
Craft goods 1.41% Bangbao puzzle 3.52%
Wood furniture 1.09% Top solid set 10.01%
Decoration decoration 1.08% Yatai International 8.08%
Delivery equipment 1.02% New Japan Stock 6.40%
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Long and empty
Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Stop trading cards: Continuous suspension15Family New suspension today0Family Resumption of trading today3Family
Annual report quarterly: Performance report0Family Performance forecast0Family Dividend transfer2Family
IPO issuance: New share subscription1Family Signed payment0Family IPO0Family
Changes in shares: Directional issuance0Family Additional plan18Family Stock listing35Family
Shareholders' meeting: Equity registration52Family General meeting of shareholders39Family Online voting70Family
important Notice: Asset restructuring83Family Asset acquisition8Family Share pledge81Family
Purchase date Purchase code New stock short name Issue price Payment date
12-12732629Litong Electronics19.2912-14
12-18002945Hualin Securities
12-18780860Zijin Bank3.1412-20
datenameBuy and sellDragon and Tiger List soldNet buy
12-12Jiangte Motor1.1 billion343.78 million7703.50 million
12-12Meizhi shares5624.51 million3196.82 million242.7769 million
12-12Hanjia Design2786.56 million548.62 million2237.94 million
date name Earnings per share Revenue year-on-year Net profit
12-13China Nuclear Power0.2510.41%-7.69%
12-13Quartz shares0.3014.16%36.29%
12-07Oriental Zirconium Industry0.02-17.31%-28.41%
Daily ranking
5th ranking
20th ranking
Total ranking
Combination nameDaily income5-day earnings20-day earningsTotal revenue
Cut meat -211.74%14.76%33.09%-79.95%
CodenameLatest price (HKD)Quote change
02628China Life Insurance16.4402.24%
00001Long and78.8502.07%
00941China Mobile77.2001.98%
00700Tencent Holdings316.8001.80%
00857China Petroleum Stock5.3801.70%
nameLatest priceRise and fallQuote change
Branch agriculture 0.095 0.044 86.27%
METROPOLIS CAP 0.550 0.160 41.03%
First video 0.350 0.090 34.62%
China Public Procurement 0.069 0.015 27.78%
Ruiqiang Group 0.247 0.047 23.50%
Badibey 0.105 0.019 22.09%
CodenameLatest price (USD)Quote change
NFEC Can send great career 23.700 15.95%
AMCN AirMedia 0.250 8.70%
HIMX Wonderful Photoelectric 3.680 7.29%
CADC New concrete 2.830 6.79%
BZUN Baozun E-commerce 37.200 6.59%
PME Pingtan Marine Industry 2.480 6.44%
Shanghai Stock Connect Net inflow of the day1.3 billion Current day balance50.67 billion
Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Net inflow of the day144 million Current day balance51.856 billion
Northbound funds Net inflow of the day1.474 billion
Variety contract Latest price Quote change
IF consecutive month IFDYLX 3172.4 0.58%
IF continues next month IFXYLX 3175.8 0.56%
IH is continuous every other season IHGJ 2457.0 0.52%
IF consecutive quarters IFGJLX 3186.4 0.44%
name Latest price Rise and fall Quote change
GBP to USD 1.2615 0.0126 1.01%
Euro against the dollar 1.1359 0.0040 0.35%
Australian dollar against the dollar 0.7222 0.0019 0.26%
USD/Swedish Krona 9.1085 0.0199 0.22%
Code Abbreviation Latest price Quote change
019311 13 national debt 11 101.96 0.85%
019534 16 national debt 06 98.30 0.32%
019528 15 national debt 28 101.19 0.29%
018008 Guokai 1802 101.89 0.09%
019536 16 Treasury Bond 08 95.65 0.08%
019537 16 Treasury 09 99.97 0.02%
Variety/codeAnnualized rate of return100,000 profitOccupancy days
1 day period GC001 2.66% 6.2740 1 Lend
2 days GC002 2.78% 28.4658 4 Lend
3 days GC003 2.76% 34.7397 5 Lend
4 days GC004 2.80% 34.2877 5 Lend
Variety/codeAnnualized rate of returnThousand yuan profitOccupancy days
1 day R-001 2.37% 0.0549 1 Lend
2 days R-002 2.40% 0.2430 4 Lend
3 days R-003 2.36% 0.2933 5 Lend
4 days R-004 2.35% 0.2819 5 Lend
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
E Fund Consumer Industry -17.74% 0.15% buy
Yifangda medium and small disc mix -7.02% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
E Fund Consumer Industry -17.74% 0.15% buy
China Shipping Healthcare Theme Stock 0.66% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Yifangda medium and small disc mix -7.02% 0.15% buy
Bank of Communications Advantage Industry Mix 5.95% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Invesco Great Wall Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 enhanced -17.78% 0.12% buy
CCB CSI 500 Index Enhanced A -27.72% 0.15% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Yi Fangda reassured bond A -4.54% 0.08% buy
Harvest Super Short Bond 6.33% 0.00% buy
Fund abbreviation 7th annualization Subscription rate
Penghua Tianlibao Currency 3.3760% 0.00% buy
Southern Tianli Currency B 3.4160% 0.00% buy
Fund abbreviation Nearly 1 year Subscription rate
Harvest Global Internet Stocks Renminbi -11.46% 0.15% buy
Southern Crude Oil A -0.77% 0.12% buy