In the current capital market, channel business service providers have expanded from trust companies to asset management departments of securities companySubsidiaries, etc., Yinxin cooperation, bank-insurance cooperation, silver-based cooperation, bank-certificate cooperation, bank-insurance cooperation have emerged one after another, making the channel business model more diversified in practical use.

Everyone plays A shares. Among the top ten shareholders in circulation, what asset management plan, trust plan, or special account of the fund often appears. Those are the “channels”.

As long as the product is in the form of a product, it may involve channel services. For example, companies can borrow money from companies and finance, as well as fund integration, which can involve channel services. For example, if the bank wants to lend money to the financing party, but does not want to go to the regulatory requirements for more loan channels, it will use the channel to send a product indirectly to the financing party.