Opened the Oriental Fortune, 301 industry rankings, of which the medical industry and pharmaceutical manufacturing, nearly 300 listed companies, all belong to the big medicine sector. Many investors know that pharmaceutical stocks are good, and the reasons can basically be said.

China's aging + environmental pollution has led to high incidence of diseases, and there is also a paragraph saying that "there are children in the family, not in the hospital, or on the way to the hospital." But do you know which one of the pharmaceutical stocks you can buy to earn more?

To give a simple example, coal and electricity are cyclical industries. You said that cyclical stocks are rising, and if you buy one, you will be wrong. The economic prosperity has become higher and the coal price has risen. The power generation industry has a huge profit due to the purchase of coal and coal. On the contrary,

When coal prices are low, power generation companies are living very well. This is the logic of the industry chain. The key is to understand the position of a pharmaceutical stock in the industrial chain, and then compare the profit margins of the upstream and downstream links of the pharmaceutical industry.

Can find out which segment of the pharmaceutical industry is in a high-profit area.

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