Open Eastern Wealth, 301 industry rankings, including medical industry and pharmaceutical manufacturing, nearly 300 listed companies, all belong to the big medicine sector. Many investors know that medical stocks are good and the reasons can be basically stated.

China's ageing and environmental pollution have caused a high incidence of diseases, and Duan Zizhuo said that "there are children at home, not in the hospital or on the way to the hospital." But do you know which medicine stock to buy can make more?

To give a simple example, coal and electricity belong to the cyclical industry. You say cyclical stocks are up, and you can easily buy one. It would be wrong. As the economic prosperity becomes higher and coal prices increase, the power generation industry will inevitably lose profits due to buying coal and burning coal. On the contrary,

When the price of coal is low, power generation companies live very well. This is the industry chain logic. The key is to understand the position of a certain pharmaceutical stock, its position in the industry chain, and then compare the profitability of all aspects of medicine upstream and downstream.

Can find out which segments of the pharmaceutical industry are in high-margin areas.

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