The SFC is very clear about the major tasks of the capital market this year. Further improve the multi-level capital market system and maintainNew sharesRegularization of issuance, deepening the reform of the issuance and listing system, improving the overall quality of listed companies, and steadily implementing the retreat

The municipal system accelerates the promotion of the rule of law in the capital market and increases the opening of the capital market.

Among them, the capital market is opened to the outside world, and the overseas stocks are listed as unicorns as a unicorn. One is to issue D shares overseas. The Shanghai Stock Exchange has made it clear in March 2018 that the Shanghai Stock Exchange will be in the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Under the unified deployment, promote and organize capital market cooperation along the “Belt and Road” and broaden the direct financing channels for “One Belt, One Road” construction. One of the most important ones is to support the China Europe International Exchange Co., Ltd.

Pilot D-share business. Everyone knows A shares and B shares. C shares may be the future CDR shares. What is D shares? Watch the video.