The A-share chip sector has been one after another, and the market should be impressive. The important pusher behind it is "National IC Industry Investment."fund"The extensive "seeding" of the first phase is indispensable.

Now, the second phase of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund is also in the midst of intensive fundraising. The plan has been submitted to the State Council and approved. The fundraising scale of the second phase of the big fund exceeded the first phase, ranging from 150 billion to 200 billion yuan. According to the swaying ratio of 1:3, the amount of social funds mobilized was about 450-600 billion yuan.

Everyone must be very concerned about which areas and companies in the semiconductor industry chain will be invested in the second phase of the big fund? If you buy a listed company that is in the middle of a big fund, how should you deal with it? Watch the video.