Fine Finance Vision: 5 minutes to understand the truth of listed company stock repurchase

Recently, many companies have launched stock repurchase programs for listed companies, and many investors have confused them with stock pledged repo.

In fact, the repurchase of stocks is a common occurrence in the US stock market, and it is also a standard for good students, which is similar to the effect of dividends. sometimesConvertible bondAfter turning into stocks, the number of shares has increased, and the value of each share has been diluted. The company will buy back the shares and buy back the diluted parts. In the US stock market, the opposite is stocks.Additional issuanceIt is almost absolutely bad, unless the additional money is used to acquire special high-quality assets, otherwise the stock price will definitely fall.

Then, in the A-share market, listed companies launch stock repurchase, what is the purpose? Is it good or bad? How to participate? Watch the video.