Equity investment has always had a very interesting phenomenon, that is, despite strict supervision, listed companies have revealed almost all information that should be disclosed in the prospectus, quarterly report and annual report. Investors continue to stick their ears to the wall and want to hear some gossip.

If the company prints the word "top secret" on the annual and quarterly reports, or wraps it in brown kraft envelopes, the person who receives the quarterly report may be more patient to read.

Many investors look at the annual report and only look at the text description. The digital part of the form never looks. In fact, the key to judging whether a company is good or bad is not to listen to what he said but to see what he did. Unless financial fraud, everything the company has done and what it will do in the future will be reflected inFinancial Statementson. How to quickly get to the key point of a company's financial situation from the complicated financial data is a compulsory course for qualified investors. This video will let Peter Lynch teach us the secret of his unique "How to read an annual report in a few minutes."