Near the year, it is time for the annual report of the listed company to be released. What investors are most concerned about, besides how much profit they make, there is also the listed company’sDividendHappening.

Many investors have such an illusion that listed companies pay dividends.BrokerThe account has an extra cash, and the stock price has no difference after the ex-dividend. As a result, many investors feel that dividends are left-handed, right-handed, and bluffing.

But in fact, this is from the perspective of speculation in the secondary market. If from a purely listed companyshareholderIn perspective, if you hold a 0.00001% stake in even a listed company, you are also a shareholder with voting rights. Each year, the listed company pays you an extra cash. After the ex-dividend ex-dividend, your equity interest is not small, or 0.00001%, and your voting rights have not changed. If you are a 60% shareholder, you will still be 60% under the control of a large sum of money each year. There will be no change in shareholders' equity, and the corresponding rights will still be exercised according to the number of shares.

So how do you view the dividends of listed companies? What is the process behind it? Is there any secret? Watch the video.