One mentions "significant assetsReorganization"I believe that many investors and friends do not have a taste in their hearts. It can be said that both love and hate, love is because there is a chance of "rich overnight", hate is due to the risk of stock price crash caused by restructuring failure.

But even if the risk of major asset restructuring is equal to the income, most investors are holding shares at hand.announcementWhen disclosing the "major asset restructuring", the first reaction is still inevitably a burst of excitement.

The accounting knowledge involved in major asset restructuring is the most complicated. It is not the average person in a listed company that can play around and reorganize. Ordinary investors are far behind.

In this episode, Cai Ye has sorted out some of the issues that need to be closely watched for major asset restructuring, and it is also a good example. I hope to give some investors some inspiration.