Long oil pulls back to market, 10 delisting stocks have "resurrection" potential

November 08, 2018 01:53
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[Long oil pulls back to re-listing 10 delisting stocks have the potential of "resurrection"] For the shareholders of the delisting stocks, whether they can be re-listed has always affected their heart. Changyou 5 will become the first company to re-list in the history of A-shares, and the delisting stocks in the third-tier market will rekindle hope. According to the reporter, 10 stocks in the three-board market meet the financial requirements for re-listing. (Volkswagen Securities News)

For delisting sharesshareholderFor us, whether they can be re-listed has always touched their heart. Changyou 5 will become the first company to re-list in the history of A-shares, and the delisting stocks in the third-tier market will rekindle hope. According to the reporter, 10 stocks in the three-board market meet the financial requirements for re-listing.

  The first re-listing was born

After four years of delisting, as the "first stock of the central enterprises delisting", Changhang Oil Transportation welcomed Nirvana. On November 2, the Shanghai Stock Exchange approved the application for re-listing of Changhang Oil Transportation. Changyou 5 was originally an A-share listed company and was delisted from A-shares in 2014. This means that after the company delisted from the A-share market to the share-transfer system, it will return to A-shares and become the first company to re-list in the history of A-shares.

On June 5, 2014, Changhang Oil Transportation lost its shares for four consecutive years. The stock was delisted from the Shanghai Stock Exchange and was subsequently listed on the third board on August 6, 2014.

After delisting from A shares, Changyou 5 retired to the stock transfer system on August 6, 2014. The company continued to lose money in the same year, with a loss of 421 million yuan. But starting in 2015, Changyou 5 began to turn a profit, from 2015 to 2017.Net profitThey were 628 million yuan, 560 million yuan and 411 million yuan respectively. In the first three quarters of this year, they achieved a profit of 220 million yuan. After review, the standards of Changhang Oil Transportation in five aspects have met the conditions for re-listing.

After the delisting of Changhang Oil Transportation, its profitability, operational capability and sustainable development capability have been greatly improved in the third board market. The re-listing of the long-haul oil transportation has kicked off the re-listing of the delisting shares.

Stimulated by the news that Changyou 5 returned to A shares, the third board stocks wavered. On Monday, 12 old and third board stocks went up; on Tuesday, only 9 stocks were traded, and 4 old three stocks went up again; but yesterday, except for Nanyang 5 daily limit, Huaxia 5, Saddle Synthetic 5, Jinma 5, Changbai 5 Individual stocks that rose continuously in the previous period, such as Huasheng 5, fell.

  10 companies have remarketing potential

It is reported that there are several hard indicators in the financial re-listing, mainly: the net profit of the last three accounting years are positive and accumulated more than 30 million yuan; the net cash flow generated by the business activities in the last three fiscal years has accumulated more than 5000 Ten thousand yuan; or the last three fiscal yearsOperating incomeAccumulated more than 300 million yuan; the latest audited net assets at the end of the fiscal year are positive.

In addition, according to the trading rules, the company that performs the information disclosure obligation, the positive shareholders' equity or the net profit is positive, and the recent financial report has not been negatively criticized by the certified public accountant or cannot express opinions, the shares are transferred five times a week. . Therefore, companies that meet the re-listing criteria may only appear in companies that can trade five times a week on the third board.

According to the statistics of the Volkswagen Securities reporter, there are still 10 old three board companies that meet the financial requirements for re-listing. They are Chuangzhi 5, Guohuan 5, Nanyang 5, Huilu 5, Tianchuang 5, Datong 5, Zhonghao A5, Gaoneng 5, Yuejinman 5, Huasheng 5 and so on. Among them, the total net profit of Chuangzhi 5 from 2015 to 2017 is 8375.17 million yuan; the total net profit of Guoguo 5 in 2015 to 2017 is 232,810,100 yuan; the total net profit of Nanyang 5 in 2015 to 2017 is 56,234,900. Yuan; Tianchuang 5's total net profit from 2015 to 2017 was 91,642,200 yuan.

At present, many companies are fighting for re-listing. Chuangzhi 5 and Changhang 5 applied for re-listing in the same period, but they were not so lucky. Chuangzhi 5 (Chuangzhi Technology) has been fighting for A, but after the Shenzhen Stock Exchange agreed to resume the review of Chuangzhi Technology's re-listing application, only one month later, the company responded and verified the relevant questions involved in the supplementary feedback. Due to the large workload and the inability to submit supplementary feedback and other relevant documents on time, the application for suspension review of the stock re-listing application was submitted to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Up to now, Chuangzhi Technology is still in the process of repeated application for review, and the difficulty of re-listing is not small.

Nanyang 5 was also released in November 2017announcementIt is said that the company is actively promoting the re-listing work with the intermediary agencies; Tianchuang 5 said that it is actively carrying out work related to re-listing with the relevant parties; the first active delisting company, National Heavy Equipment, is also actively seeking to re-list.

However, industry insiders remind investors that Changhang Oil Transportation can be re-listed, on the one handPerformanceOn the other hand, Changhang Oil Transportation belongs to the central enterprises and has a congenital advantage. The chances of re-listing are higher than those of ordinary enterprises. The probability of a re-listing of a three-board company is not high, and investors still need to be cautious. In addition, investors should not have a lucky attitude to delisting stocks suspected of violating regulations, illegal acts, etc. In particular, the GEM delisting enterprises are facing a problem of retreating to the end. For example, Xintai Electric, which has been delisted from the GEM due to fraudulent issuance, cannot be re-listed. In addition, the first day of the re-listing of the delisting shares does not have a price limit. In principle, the fluctuations in both directions will be very large. It is appropriate for retail investors not to participate, otherwise it will bring great impact and loss to their investment.

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