Will the New Third Board lead index be launched next Monday? Will it lead the market in a new direction?

January 11, 2019 06:56
Author: Sheng wave
source:                             Shanghai Securities News
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Next Monday, the New Third Board will lead the index market will be officially released. A number of market analysts said that leading the index will lead the entire market's funds closer to the head enterprises.

On December 28 last year, the National Stock Transfer Company issued the “Measures for the Administration of the Securities Index of the National SME Share Transfer System (Trial)” (referred to as the “Measures”), and at the same time, the China Securities Index Corporation issued a three-board index series. At the same time, the National Stock Transfer Company announced that it will release the index market on January 14, 2019.

The five indexes are: innovation layer component index (index abbreviation: innovation index, index code: 899003), private leading index (index abbreviation: three board leader, index code: 899301), private high-tech manufacturing index (index short name: Three-board manufacturing, index code: 899302), private high-tech service index (index for short: three-board service, index code: 899303), privatePharmaceutical manufacturingIndex (index referred to as: three board medicine, index code: 899304).

As a mass market, the New Third Board has made it difficult for investors to find high-quality enterprises. Although the market stratification has improved the recognition of quality enterprises in the early stage, there are still some leading enterprises in the segmented areas that have not been explored by the market. It is necessary to pass the index. Guided to further improve the efficiency of market investment and financing docking, the index preparation will include leading companies that have not yet made transactions into the index sample, in order to promote and lead market investment through the important exploration of this index, and enhance the ability of the new three board market to serve the real economy.

The National Stock Transfer Company pointed out that the five new three-board index series launched this time are aimed at focusing on the high-quality private enterprises in the new three-board market, reflecting the characteristics of their innovation and entrepreneurship, and promoting the further improvement of the investment and financing docking function of the new three-board market.

Up to now, the New Third Board has a total of 10,664 listed companies, and the number of listed companies is equivalent to three times that of the listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen. It has become the largest capital market with the largest number of listed companies in the world.

On December 20 last year, Xie Geng, the chairman of the National Stock Transfer Company, spoke at the appointment ceremony of the first index expert committee. “The new three boards will be like a big supermarket. The index classification is like one shelf to put different categories of goods. Separate, so that everyone will not be dazzled."

For the upcoming index and its market, many market analysts said that leading the index to gather the head enterprises of various industries to build the index, can give full play to the demonstration role of the new three-board head enterprises, and help to enhance investors' The attention of high-quality enterprises in all sectors of the New Third Board will further optimize the allocation of market resources and improve the sense of acquisition of quality enterprises.

According to the "Measures", the national share transfer company also stipulates that securities companies and public offeringsfundBoth private equity funds and private equity funds can use the three-board series of indices to develop products, including various index funds, such as unlisted funds and closed-end funds. This rule makesExponentialIt is possible to directly invest in the New Third Board market, which will not only bring incremental funds to the New Third Board, but also long-term stable funds, which will improve the long-term liquidity crunch and stimulate the activity of the entire New Third Board. The reform and upgrading of the New Third Board.

(Article source: Shanghai Securities News)

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